We presented the Mushk drama series, storyline and OST.

The old face attached to the clutch has now been replaced with a grip. You are skeptical and when Will you leave? ”It will air on Hum TV on Monday at 8:00 pm However, you can see why you should watch it, but there are many reasons to check out the details of the drama.

We presented the Mushk drama series, storyline and OST.

Watch the drama series Al Mushk:

Al Mask is the creation of Imran Ashraf, our true oblivion. Due to the amazing play and dialogue of the characters, we didn’t watch the tapir and we found it emotional and funny. This script was created through our oblivion. Musk’s script, however, is the result of a collaboration between the author of the tapir book and screenwriter Del Mira. So the plot is awesome because it has different layers. If you saw the first event, you will surely perceive it through a change From strong to weak and from weak to strong Take, for example, Mumal Sheikh, who is portrayed as a weak character who turns and accepts what he says, with although some scenes show what the free spirit was like in the future. In addition, Osama Taher has gone from being a young man in prison to being a horrible person who remembers his past and sits in the back.

This case demonstrates that each character has a different hue and layer.

The history of the drama series “Al Mask”:

The drama series is outdated and old and elderly actors are gathered on the same platform. Finally, after a long time, he saw the return of our heroin addict Harp Hocken and Mumal Sheikh. In addition, Osama Taher’s departure from Dar Jati Sil is also mentioned in this episode. Musk will let you see our beloved Paulo Imran Ashraf. The actor will have gray characters that are sure to impress him with his difficult and insecure role in Kahin Deep Jala, where his financial situation and incomplete information about his wife’s past made him insecure and difficult.

Plus his talent isn’t that bad. However, Ali Zafar sang it and spared no effort to amaze with melody and fear of music.

These are three main reasons why you should pay attention to musk. Musk means scent in Urdu and history is no less than perfume because there are many characters and each character has a past that influenced her condition and changed her personality. So, go up every Monday on HUMTV and watch the series. You will not regret it.

Drama Series “Mushk” OST:

Drama Series “Mushk”:


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