We have the cast, storyline and OST from Love To Alvida.

If you prefer to watch Saturday first, Ishq Zahnaseeb is nothing more than chemistry. Mahosh and Danesh and an amazing story aimed at improving the condition of Sonya Hussein. Ahmed’s ascetic husband, suffering from various personality disorders.

We have the cast, storyline and OST from Love To Alvida.

The dramatic composition of the series “I love you, Alvida”:

This time, the couple brings talents to tie you to the corner of the seat with Alveda Ari, a drum set from the Barakat Siddiqi project (director), and Abdul Khalek Khan (writer). Produced by Barakat Siddiqi and Zayed Al Sheikh. From her husband to marriage with the owner of the office he works in and with the owner seeking love. The husband marries her and his love for his master will gradually grow and this will hurt his first wife. However, old publications of Ishq Zhansib Heroin say that she will return to the Hindu trio and will play women with schizophrenia.

Plus, your acting skills are so strong that you can count on a selection of stories. So, you are forced to tell the story that Sonya Hussein, aka Olfat, will develop schizophrenia when Zahid Ahmed marries Mancha Pasha – a rich girl, her son and husband will begin to interest her more and more, and from there the story will turn into a psychological one. One. A dramatic series that’s sure to prepare you to leave the fireplace open and watch the entire series.

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The plot of the drama series “Mohabbat Tuji Al-Veda”:

Line and words of Sonya Hussein’s story People want to know what the real story is, except for the director and the book. I acted very wisely, they don’t reveal anything else. Full details will appear during the presentation of the first episode.

OST from the drama series “I Love You, Alvida”:

The logo of the drama series “I Love You, Alvida”:


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