Trailer for Osman Mukhtar and Ruby Chowdhury’s short film “Seat”

Heartthrob Usman Mukhtar recently posted a short film trailer on Instagram and YouTube revealing the mystery and bewilderment what happens next as the scene continues in the trailer. There is no image on it. Note

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The main character of the film directed by Anna Hero is Robbie Chowdhury as Nabi while it was written by Ali Moder and produced by Rangin Studio.

The trailer began with a caring actress who stopped shopping and asked the seller for two packs of cigarettes. He asked her if she does everything alone. He sarcastically replied that his dog also has some He kept smiling to hide the fool and justify what he asks every day when he buys. He asked if his conscience bothered him so much what he could buy in another store. Delivered a box and took I took money out of it. The scene moved to a park, where the short-sighted woman said the salesman had no intentions. He explained that he knew that smoking was harmful to his health, but he decided to sell it.

This is where the heartbreaking part begins. During the walk, Chowdhury Sahib says that people are determined by people’s choices and that the lucky ones are those who were right in two out of ten choices. “People are lucky if they make the right choice,” he said. The Dupatta actress has expressed regret that she was out of luck and is now trying to undo one of her bad decisions. As she sat on the bench, another sticky line appeared in her eyes, also determined by our capabilities. The scene ends with her dialogue “because it doesn’t take long.” Films have also been selected for the International Film Festival. He is also a finalist for the Independent Short Film Competition.

Robbie Chowdhury and Osman Mokhtar have done a great job. The author sparked enthusiasm in the audience, what kind of story would it be?

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