Tik Toker Sia Kakkar, 16, committed suicide

Sia Kakar is a tech teen who is known for his videos of popular Indian songs She dances and curls her lips. She has 1.5 to 1.5 million followers. According to expert and agency manager Aaron Sarin, she was amazing. However, despite the upcoming fame and new plans, the hypothetical Indian star committed suicide on June 25 in her home in Phantom Vihar, New Delhi. Her manager and family members reported her death. The family is in shock. So they do not respond to the media. Meanwhile, the manager said that even before the day of the suicide, she looks trite. She said talking about collaborating on new songs and having a good mood.

Tik Toker Sia Kakar, 16, committed suicide

Several celebrities and professionals Media expressed condolences to 16-years celebrities. Photojournalist Viral Bhani wrote a note for Kakar on Instagram. He wrote that he was sad to hear about his death. “People shouldn’t go this way.”

Champion Kamat J. Bhanushali expressed his condolences and said that the video posted on the photo-sharing platform featuring Fords makes the hearts of his family happy.

Sia Kakkar is dead. All we can do is value our mental health and take care of our physical and mental health.

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