The first Hindu Temple Built in Islamabad

Pakistan plans to build the first Hindu temple in the capital of Islamabad to promote interfaith harmony and religious tourism in the city, Parliamentary Secretary for Human Rights Lal Chand Mallahi said on Tuesday, June 23rd.

The first Hindu Temple Built in Islamabad

Melia wrote Tweet a timeline with photos of the groundbreaking ceremony in which you write that the government has allocated four plots of land to build the temple. According to the secretary, it will be the first temple in the city in centuries to be built in sector H-9.

This temple will also have sections organized by the Hindu Panchayat, an organization dedicated to the welfare of the Hindu community, and attended by Mahesh Chaudhry, Pritam Das, Shaman Lal, and Ashok Kumar. Owing to the Minister of Religious Affairs Bir Nurul Hak Kadri, the Capital Development Authority originally allocated 20,000 feet of land to the Hindu Council, but construction was delayed due to administrative problems. The government will spend 100 million rupees to build the temple.

It was decided to name this temple “The Temple of Sri Krishna”. The community has been clamoring for construction over the past few years as they had to travel to Rawalpindi to perform prayers at a religious site.

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There is a need to build a temple there, as the population has increased dramatically over the past few years, ”Lal said.

Before the partition of India and Pakistan, there were many temples in and around Islamabad. It was destroyed or ceased to function after 1947.

Anthropologist and director of the Center for Culture and Development Dr. Nadim Omar Tarar praised the efforts of the ruling government and called for the opening of ancient temples near Raval. Lake. He called for the opening of a separate Buddhist temple in the diplomatic enclave for the Buddhist community.

The current government of Pakistan has decided to initiate PTI to open 400 Hindu temples in the city and hand them over to the Hindus. Social media in 2019. The government opened the Karzarpur corridor to help pilgrims visit Darbar Sahib Gurdwara without spending money on visas.

The government took a commendable step. Unlike neighboring countries, Pakistan has followed in the footsteps of its founder.

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