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Tik Tok, Shen, Madad and 59 Other Chinese Apps Banned in India

India has banned more than 59 apps including Tick Tick and WeChat in China for security reasons targets after the clash of two forces in Ladakh on Monday Added due to

Tik Tok, Shen, Madad and 59 Other Chinese Apps Banned in India

explained by Sri Ravi Shankar Prasad He received complaints from various sources that the requests contained information about consumers and were “unauthorized” sharing it with the Chinese government.

Prasad argued that the ministry was prohibited from seeking to secure the country’s cyberspace.

While US senators have called for a thorough investigation as they found the request was sending consumer information to the Chinese government, Indian media reports that Alibaba is banned in the state. UC Browser and the Chinese app are a political move.

Media Watch – Nihal Pakhava, editor of Media Watch Media, told the BBC that this was a political move by India against China, but would have little effect on the app’s revenue. Yes, the number of users will still decrease.

However, expert Prasanto believes that blocking applications will kill popular “applications”, but the government may prevent them from removing them from the App Store.

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He explained that tick-tock voters said that if 95% of users choose not to participate in the application, it will not have a “network effect” and effective content in the application.

Highlight the impact of blocking Chinese apps, Rui said. This will affect the financial income and income of Indians as thousands of Indians live in the hashtag and there are many businessmen in India who communicate with Chinese through VChat to run their business and make money.

India has the largest retail user base of any country in the overseas market, so Byte Dance, the parent company of the lip-sync app, told the BBC that this is India. He is committed to working with the government, and his commitment reflects consumer safety and their “commitment to the nation as a whole.” Nikal Gandhi, head of TikTok India, also tweeted. The government demanded clarification.

The government has taken action following clashes in the two countries, which saw a violent clash in the Himalayas in neighboring Ladakh that killed 20 Indian soldiers.

However, the requests have not been blocked yet, they will be blocked soon.

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