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Malik Riaz sues Azmi Khan for 5 billion rupees

And shares stories on Instagram. Amna Malik, daughter of businessman Malik Riad, harassed and tortured the model, as a result of which she filed a complaint with the FIR against her daughter, husband Osman Malik, her sisters, and 15 security officers.

Malik Riaz sues Azmi Khan for 5 billion rupees

According to reports, the owner and founder of Maritime City have filed a complaint against the model and her sister Huma Khan. She wrote that the sisters misused her name. Therefore, they have to pay 5 billion rupees to defame and defame him. Eva Khan wrote on social networks that the sisters are abandoning the case because the court will prevail, but they will succeed by the verdict of Allah. Azmi and Khoma wrote down their Section 164 statements. Allaj said Ms. Amna Malik did not torture her and filed a complaint against him because of a misunderstanding. Therefore, they withdraw their complaint. Unfortunately, Huma and Azuma’s lawyers and advisers, lawyer Hassan Niyazi and Khadija Siddiqi distanced themselves from the case and expressed their grief on the Internet because they were forced to secede due to capitalist rule in the country.

Lawyer tycoon Azhar Siddiq filed a defamation lawsuit against Azma Khan’s lawyer Hasan Niazi and demanded 5 billion rupees to defame Amna’s father Malik. Said, Malik Riad, tweeted that he was not involved in this case, however, his name is used. He said that his complaint was legitimate and that he had the right to file complaints against those who used his name.

However, Malik Riyad, a product of the Supreme Court, released the housewives on bail. The merchant asked him to post a bond of Rs 50,000 per woman. In addition to the official, complaints were filed against Pashmina Malik, Amnu Malik, and Anbar Malik.

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Although the problem was solved thanks to the so-called mutual agreement between the three parties, celebrities from show business comment on the news and the move taken by the model. Many of them criticize the country’s justice system, and some criticize the actress for dropping the case.

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