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Pakistan Budget 2020-2021

According to the Analysis, PTI’s ruling government has allocated Rs 7,294.9 billion for the fiscal year. This is 11 percent less than in 2019. The ruling government has allocated Rs 7.022 trillion from 2019 to 2020, however, net profit is expected to increase by 6.7 percent from 2020 to 2021, as the government manages Rs 3,699.5 billion.

Pakistan Budget 2020-2021

Most of the fiscal year is dedicated to defense, up 1.3 trillion – 12% more than the previous year’s budget, while Rs 83 billion was allocated to education and the Coronavirus special economic zones. 70 billion rupees

83 billion rupees, 70 and 741 billion will be allocated for education the third. This represents over 84% of the total education budget.

The current government has allocated 230,907 million rupees for social security, of which only 208 million rupees will be spent on this sector alone. This is 21.15% more than Pakistan’s budget for 2019-2020.

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The PTI government has allocated Rs 169.927 million for public order and safety. Last year, 153,269 million rupees were budgeted for security and public order.

A budget of Rs 1.324 billion is allocated to the Public Sector Development Program (PSDP), of which Rs 676 billion is allocated to the provinces and Rs 650 million to the federal government.

The Federal Public Security Administration has distributed Rs 650 million to federal ministers, their departments, companies, the Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority (ERRA) and in response to the coronavirus and other natural disasters. He allocated Rs 418.7 billion to the Ferrell division, Rs 100.4 billion to companies, Rs 7 billion to combat Quid and other natural disasters, and Rs 3 billion ERA.

In the civil service, 3,663,740 million rupees were allocated for legislative, executive, financial, foreign, and financial affairs.

However, no new taxes have been included in the recently announced budget. Because of CoV-19, the government cut the sales tax rate from 14% to 12% to help the middle and lower class.

In addition, taxes have been reduced in the hotel business by 1.5–0.5%. … In addition, the government said it will apply for a group of employees to file their tax returns, as this will increase tax revenue by 37%.

The budget is exempt from the cellular tax on imported food. The exemption for imported medical devices has been extended for another three months.

However, the tax on the prices of cigarettes, tobacco, e-cigarettes, and other tobacco has been increased from 65% to 100%. …

In addition, taxes on FDD caffeine and beverages have been increased from 13% to 25% to reduce their consumption.

Provinces will receive 2,873.7 billion rupees from the tax federation for this year’s budget. This is 11% less than the budget for 2019-2020.

The 2020-2021 budget is called the Corona budget because it was provided during the epidemic and allocated funds that will be spent on the epidemic to defeat it. This is

Hasan Ahmed, Pakistan’s First Deaf Blogger

Besides thanks to Junijo and Akram, there are many other bloggers and bloggers. Human bloggers at social networks with their talents, daily chores, beauty, and manual labor. They use various social media platforms where they post their photos with well-done captions that can say “wow.” Among many bloggers, Hasan Ahmed is the most influential, especially on social networking sites.

Hasan Ahmed, Pakistan's First Deaf Blogger

Various qualified Ahl Ahmad Ahmad – Pakistan’s first deaf blogger and blogger. 23-year-old Rawalpindi resident works as a graphic designer at Ido Fusion IT, where he designs social media posts, PowerPoint slides, brochures, etc. Hasan says her sister inspired her to pursue her hobby. gave it to take a graphic design course and work as a designer. After learning about the design, she conducted it. Ogler has two months of training at PTCL and one month of training at Horizon Technology Inc.

In addition to working with personal computers and laptops, Ahmed acts as a representative of the Deftak brand. It is an online sign language translation service whose sole purpose is to empower the deaf and dumb. DefTalk mobile application is available on Android and Apple phones. Deaf people can use it to pursue a career in the areas they want. The startup received the award for the best startup in the Asia-Pacific region, organized by the United Nations Development Program.

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Hasan has blogged on Instagram and Facebook, blogs on YouTube, and two other platforms. He posts photos of his daily life on all platforms and uses media to promote the deaf community. He publishes videos and blogs about his niche online so people know their interests.

Ahmed comes from a middle-class family. He was born in a small village in Rawalpindi. The child was born with a defect because his mother was also deaf and dumb. However, the family moved to the city to study. He holds a BA in Special Education from Sir Side School and College. He was a graduate of the Young Leaders Conference, which the Leadership College organizes annually.

Hasan Ahmed is a very inspiring person who can amaze people with his skills and abilities. From your blog and blog, work in the Deaf community and pursue a career in your chosen field.

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Hasan Ahmad – For the Deaf by (@ahsanahmad_deaf), posted on July 24, 2020, at 3:22 am PST.

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Pakistan will Register Sellers on Amazon

After a few countries, Pakistan on Sunday sent to American e-commerce company Amazon To register 38 names surgical sellers, sporting goods, and home textiles companies. Contains names.

Pakistan will Register Sellers on Amazon

Advertise Advisor on Abdul Razzak Daud’s the trade and investment that company names from other sectors will be submitted for registration when the above sectors are selected by Amazon on Thursday, followed by another meeting National Council on Electronic Commerce>

The consultant spoke about the importance of digital business and said that Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are associated with the e-commerce platform in this epidemic, and said that the digital world has been used earlier than others during this epidemic. COVID-19 around the world to take advantage of the various opportunities to achieve economic stability and governance. Therefore, today it is an “important sector”.

In addition, ar David showed the meeting a video clip of the WHO Director, in which the Director praised the country’s e-commerce policy. And their efforts to bring business to the digital world. Dowd also praised the efforts of private and public companies to help them implement this policy.

Meanwhile, the State Bank of Pakistan said it has established a regulatory framework for cross-border B2C facilities. The framework will be implemented when the e-commerce module is integrated into OneCustom, he said. The e-commerce division is developed by the Federal Tax Board (FBR).

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The provincial governments of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab informed the participants about the e-commerce budget in the provincial budgets. Pakistan’s support for ruling justice (PTI) during the pandemic.

However, the Pakistani Consumer Commission and the Consumer Protection Boards in Punjab and Lahore have proposed changes to the regional and federal government consumer protection laws. Do e-commerce and resolve any disputes beforehand.

The Representative provided web banners designed to educate judicial officials and academics on consumer protection laws.

In addition, the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) said it plans to take steps to develop e-commerce. He said he classified the industries separately in order to boost growth in the new business form.

To date, SECP has registered 152 companies on its portals. During the meeting, the Minister of Commerce was informed that the Ministry of Commerce is in contact with Pakistan’s Foreign Trade Department to promote the country’s exporters and sellers internationally.

Pakistan Digital Driver’s license System

It looks like Pakistan will never benefit from Digitization and the Internet in the last ten years. it’s CNIC or licensing, but now our country is moving forward to make life easier for its citizens with tools and internet browsing. That’s why the Punjab government introduced digital driving licenses for the first time in the country in their province with the help of Rawalpindi Central Police Department and Pakistan Information Technology Authority (PITB).

Pakistan digital driver's license system

Unlike in the past, when people had to bring photographs and other documents to obtain a license, people only had to bring their national ID and get their card. However, you will need to bring two passport-sized photographs and a sealed envelope to the office to make sure the office has paid for your license. Also, you need to make sure you are getting a bank challan.

With this new system, anyone can renew their license if it expires during blocking, although you will have to pay a fine. Despite the fact that the deadline passed, the office was closed due to the epidemic. However, possession of one is still beyond the reach of ordinary people.

While the ruling party has been criticized for ineffective economic policies, it should be praised for encouraging the use of technology and digitization in the country. The Secretary of Commerce recently sent the names of 38 sources to US e-commerce giant Amazon for registration. The ministry has sent the names of surgical equipment, sports equipment and home textiles to the companies. Intends to send company names in other sectors after selecting the submitted names.

The World Trade Organization also thanked the government for taking the right steps to develop e-commerce.

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However, it is better to introduce digital licensing systems in other provinces and help our citizens by working with government companies and authorities. It will be easier for them to get a license.

The Punjab government has a proven track record of adopting modern rules in its province. We have an example of a green-orange line. Let’s hope the TNG and the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government will soon do something for their people, like the Punjab government, and yet the utopia seems to expect good from them.

The first Hindu Temple Built in Islamabad

Pakistan plans to build the first Hindu temple in the capital of Islamabad to promote interfaith harmony and religious tourism in the city, Parliamentary Secretary for Human Rights Lal Chand Mallahi said on Tuesday, June 23rd.

The first Hindu Temple Built in Islamabad

Melia wrote Tweet a timeline with photos of the groundbreaking ceremony in which you write that the government has allocated four plots of land to build the temple. According to the secretary, it will be the first temple in the city in centuries to be built in sector H-9.

This temple will also have sections organized by the Hindu Panchayat, an organization dedicated to the welfare of the Hindu community, and attended by Mahesh Chaudhry, Pritam Das, Shaman Lal, and Ashok Kumar. Owing to the Minister of Religious Affairs Bir Nurul Hak Kadri, the Capital Development Authority originally allocated 20,000 feet of land to the Hindu Council, but construction was delayed due to administrative problems. The government will spend 100 million rupees to build the temple.

It was decided to name this temple “The Temple of Sri Krishna”. The community has been clamoring for construction over the past few years as they had to travel to Rawalpindi to perform prayers at a religious site.

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There is a need to build a temple there, as the population has increased dramatically over the past few years, ”Lal said.

Before the partition of India and Pakistan, there were many temples in and around Islamabad. It was destroyed or ceased to function after 1947.

Anthropologist and director of the Center for Culture and Development Dr. Nadim Omar Tarar praised the efforts of the ruling government and called for the opening of ancient temples near Raval. Lake. He called for the opening of a separate Buddhist temple in the diplomatic enclave for the Buddhist community.

The current government of Pakistan has decided to initiate PTI to open 400 Hindu temples in the city and hand them over to the Hindus. Social media in 2019. The government opened the Karzarpur corridor to help pilgrims visit Darbar Sahib Gurdwara without spending money on visas.

The government took a commendable step. Unlike neighboring countries, Pakistan has followed in the footsteps of its founder.

Rangers will save us, save our economy from terror: attack on the Pakistani stock exchange

Pakistani police and paramilitaries attacked the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) at 10 are day, Monday, June 29, 2020, in a major attack in downtown Karachi that killed four militants.

Rangers will save us, save our economy from terror: attack on the Pakistani stock exchange

Police said four armed men parked their cars in the building and threw a grenade at the scene. The forces said the gunmen opened fire on the spot.

PSX Director Abed Ali told the media that the gunmen had infiltrated so they looked like bodyguards and police officers. Fortunately, special forces surrounded the building, prevented the attack, and killed the militants. Sharbel Haral, deputy inspector general of police in the southern district of the city, told the media that As a result of the shelling, five people were killed. The fire, four militants, and a policeman added that three more police officers were injured and two killed in the attack. N from private security.

To highlight the bravery of the rangers and police, the officer said the food was tied to the bodies of the militants, indicating that they died. For a long time in the center of the city treasury and the attack was planned.

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According to media reports, the forces and militants fired for 20 minutes and the militants were unable to attack the area for eight minutes. Although the PSX staff are safe. On the evening of the same day, the general director of the Pakistani Sindh Guard, Major General Omar Ahmad Bukhari, announced that the Balochistan Liberation Army (BAB) had claimed responsibility for the attack on the center.

The SLA also claimed responsibility for other platforms, claiming that Majid Brigade planned a self-immolation attack on the stock exchange. The reporter said that during the shooting, his men took over the site from the inside.

The separatist agency was created in 2000 due to the government’s monopoly on mining and gas in Baluchistan.

To achieve its goal, the agency has repeatedly attacked Chinese engineers and paramilitaries. Their goal is to free Pakistan from Baluchistan.

However, PSX remained safe, the center’s account tweeted that the situation was developing and that PSX leadership was trying to gain control of the situation with the help of special forces.

Digital and social media praised Khalil’s computer and companion’s computer for their courage and proactive response to the attack when their video was broadcast on television and news channels.

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