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Jacinda Ardern says New Zealand is now desirable

New Zealand lifts restrictions on Covid 19 If borders do not remain closed, officials announced in mid Sunday night when the country hasn’t received any virus reports for 17 days.

Prime Minister Jacinda Arden told meeting attendees The second tier of sanctions will be raised: “Educational institutions will open and there will be no need to follow social distancing, but people are encouraged to follow them.” In response to reporters, Arden said people can hold public gatherings such as weddings and funerals.

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Meanwhile, the Prime Minister warned the public during the announcement that the virus could recur, but it will not be a bad thing for the country. It’s an epidemic, but the government would conduct an operation yu, if there was a second wave in the country.

On March 25, the Prime Minister of New Zealand imposed a lockdown. Currently, a four-stage warning system is closed, educational centers are closed. Schools and schools.

However, the outage remained in the three-tier warning system five weeks after the end of April. People can use technology in prepared meals. During this closure, the government allowed unnecessary businesses to be opened.

In mid-May, the closure was improved to two warning systems, and in June the country moves to the same level. Which international borders of New Zealand will remain closed? Although the government was ready to take the step on June 22, a two-week absence of action made the country take the first step.

Thanks to a level alert system, New Zealanders remain in quarantine for 14 days after arriving from overseas to ensure that there is no new wave of epidemics in New Zealand.

New Zealand has 1154 cases of COVID-19, of which 22. The last case reported by the authorities was a 50-year-old woman. Health officials confirmed that she had no symptoms for 48 hours, which means she recovered.

The World Health Organization praised the Prime Minister and officials praised the steps taken to prevent the virus. The country is reportedly planning a pandemic since 2010. Health officials revisited plans in 2017 with the help of medical expert Jeffrey Rice, who has written books on the Spanish flu. In addition, officials have biological checks to ensure there are no future animal diseases.

At present, Montenegro, Fiji and the island of Covid are free countries. Meanwhile, Taiwan, Tobago, Cambodia, Trinidad and Iceland have reported fewer than 10 cases in their states.

Pakistan Budget 2020-2021

According to the Analysis, PTI’s ruling government has allocated Rs 7,294.9 billion for the fiscal year. This is 11 percent less than in 2019. The ruling government has allocated Rs 7.022 trillion from 2019 to 2020, however, net profit is expected to increase by 6.7 percent from 2020 to 2021, as the government manages Rs 3,699.5 billion.

Pakistan Budget 2020-2021

Most of the fiscal year is dedicated to defense, up 1.3 trillion – 12% more than the previous year’s budget, while Rs 83 billion was allocated to education and the Coronavirus special economic zones. 70 billion rupees

83 billion rupees, 70 and 741 billion will be allocated for education the third. This represents over 84% of the total education budget.

The current government has allocated 230,907 million rupees for social security, of which only 208 million rupees will be spent on this sector alone. This is 21.15% more than Pakistan’s budget for 2019-2020.

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The PTI government has allocated Rs 169.927 million for public order and safety. Last year, 153,269 million rupees were budgeted for security and public order.

A budget of Rs 1.324 billion is allocated to the Public Sector Development Program (PSDP), of which Rs 676 billion is allocated to the provinces and Rs 650 million to the federal government.

The Federal Public Security Administration has distributed Rs 650 million to federal ministers, their departments, companies, the Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority (ERRA) and in response to the coronavirus and other natural disasters. He allocated Rs 418.7 billion to the Ferrell division, Rs 100.4 billion to companies, Rs 7 billion to combat Quid and other natural disasters, and Rs 3 billion ERA.

In the civil service, 3,663,740 million rupees were allocated for legislative, executive, financial, foreign, and financial affairs.

However, no new taxes have been included in the recently announced budget. Because of CoV-19, the government cut the sales tax rate from 14% to 12% to help the middle and lower class.

In addition, taxes have been reduced in the hotel business by 1.5–0.5%. … In addition, the government said it will apply for a group of employees to file their tax returns, as this will increase tax revenue by 37%.

The budget is exempt from the cellular tax on imported food. The exemption for imported medical devices has been extended for another three months.

However, the tax on the prices of cigarettes, tobacco, e-cigarettes, and other tobacco has been increased from 65% to 100%. …

In addition, taxes on FDD caffeine and beverages have been increased from 13% to 25% to reduce their consumption.

Provinces will receive 2,873.7 billion rupees from the tax federation for this year’s budget. This is 11% less than the budget for 2019-2020.

The 2020-2021 budget is called the Corona budget because it was provided during the epidemic and allocated funds that will be spent on the epidemic to defeat it. This is

Journalist Ali Salman Alvi arrested his wife Sadaf for premeditated murder

Journalist and producer Ali Salman Alawi was arrested in Rawalpindi Wednesday afternoon on murder charges his wife is Yusef Colonia.

Journalist Ali Salman Alvi arrested his wife Sadaf for premeditated murder

The FIR report was filed on June 29 against Alfie by his wife’s sister, Maryam Zahra, who said the producer called her and said Sadaf had done something to her. The woman said that she had arrived at her sister’s house with her husband and saw the body of a seashell hanging from a sheet tied to her neck.

The applicant said that Alavi beat Sadaf on several occasions and that his family had warned him for many years, but that he never stopped abusing his wife.

Sadaf reportedly once tweeted about domestic violence and tweeted a message about the abuse. She will take part in the parade of her daughters and herself in Aurat.

This news went viral on social media on Wednesday and users launched #JustForZehra.

The director of the Digital Rights Foundation retweeted al-Hayt, saying that the woman who tweeted a thread about domestic violence and encouraging women to march was herself a victim of violence and that he died on al- Baka’a.

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Journalist Asma Shirazi tweeted that the media team was surprised to learn that the producers of her show were violent. They hanged him and condemned him.

Prosecutor Khadija Seddiki, Minister for Human Rights, Sherin Mazari, and DRPP called on the authorities to take action against the producer.

Jawad Shah, an officer at the SHO airport police station, told the media that 2,000 people were arrested under Article 302 of the Pakistani Penal Code only after the incident was reported while in police custody. He added that an autopsy report would soon be delivered to him, and after that, it would be concluded whether it was a case of domestic violence.

Violence is on the rise in the digital world despite rising levels of education and awareness. There seems to be something lacking in the system that makes men believe if they beat their daughters, wives, and mothers or insult them in darkness and silence.

A national law was recently passed. The Minister for Human Rights reported the violence on the same day the incident occurred. It is hoped that this law will lead to positive changes in society and allow women to enjoy freedom and peace.


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