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Top 10 OST from the latest TV series

If you want to keep playing songs in your car and phone all the time, scroll down and see which the Audio O (OST) path is now original!

Top 10 OST from the latest TV series

1. Pearl Goats:

Enthusiastic music with touching melodies makes the songs of sisters Adnan Dahul and Bieber worth listening to and downloading. The video doubles the pain because it features scenes of child marriage and abuse that make you wonder why this is happening in our society.

2. Jalan:

Rahat Ali Khan’s voice should be heard along with thrilling melodies and strong music. The lines are full of her music

“Poison Poison Terry Nihal Real Rina.

Dil na bar bar Sushan da azab sahana loves your song.

3. Madness:

If you want the music to rise and fall instantly, you have to sing the madness you hear in the episode because the powerful voice of Char Ali Bhaj has added energy to OST.

4. Tied to Time:

It is a combination of strong voices and the knots of the truth of Qiyani and Sakhir Ali Bhagi, and it is enough to be heard. While many singing and capturing videos will bother you, the perfect combination will get you used to it.

5. Love:

The soft voice of Asim Azhar – singing an elegy

“Love Kiya Min Na Ha

Main Lane

This will definitely make you a regular listener.

6. Enemy of the Soul:

Opening song with a kindred voice Awful

“Enemy of the Soul

What is my soul

Enemy of the heart

what a heartbeat ”will make you vibrate with music in your ears until they disappear.

7. Gum and Ham:

Voice of Navid Nashad. Simple melodies mixed with the node are heard during free time while driving to resume its activity.

8. Zebish:

Another TV series is Zebish with top OST.

9. I love you. Alvida:

Your words are sure to make you feel that when we sing “Beach Khoshian Kharide Gum” we are playing with our joys and sorrows because of the money-oriented mentality.

10. My Mana Rakhna:

The singer paid tribute to the deep melody of My Mana Rakhna, and that’s why it’s worth listening to.

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