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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Host Limited Pilgrimage Due to COVID-19 This Year

Saudi Arabia has decided to hold a “limited hajj” this year by allowing a limited number of people from foreign countries to make a religious pilgrimage while locals can take part in it. Owning one is still out of reach for the average person. Also limited on Mondays.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Host Limited Pilgrimage Due to COVID-19 This Year

The Saudi Press Agency reported that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia made a decision a week later due to the epidemic to keep the country safe and reduce the increase in COVID-19 cases.

< p> The Ministry of Religious Affairs said at a press conference. The decision was made in connection with the coronavirus epidemic, as it will be difficult to maintain a social distance because a large number of pilgrims have just arrived. because vaccines have not yet been developed.

More than 2 million foreigners come annually. To Mecca and Medina for the Hajj, thus the country earns 12 billion annually from religious travel and tourism.

While the current government plans to increase the number of pilgrims to boost revenues by 2030, the epidemics have seriously affected officials, causing economic hardship due to high oil prices and closing prices.

A few weeks ago, the Ministry of Religious Affairs announced that it would either postpone the Hajj or allow a limited number of pilgrims to come to prayer later. At the time, Indonesia backed down and said it would not send Indonesians to do the biggest prayer due to the outbreak.

India also supported it. The government said payments for Indian pilgrims selected by the government for travel this year should be refunded.

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The governments of Malaysia and Singapore did not agree to send their local residents to Saudi Arabia to perform the Hajj due to epidemic diseases. … Pakistan has not made any decision, but will most likely allow it because of its good friendship with the country.

2020 turned out to be the worst year for the global economy, but at the same time, different methods of business stabilization show us different paths, except that business and goods for the Hajj need to be transported, so it needs to be quickly removed from the world …

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has the largest number of victims, as the number of victims in the Middle East is more than a thousand, and the death toll is 1,000.

We hope the epidemic will end soon and hope this vaccine will get faster.


IHC offers Amazon and PayPal in Pakistan

Islamabad Supreme Court has appealed to the Pakistani government, Tehreek-e-Insaf Pakistan (PTI ) must provide her answer as to why the business was unable to bring Amazon and PayPal into the country like an ordinary person. She asked. On Saturday, a petition was filed in court.

IHC offers Amazon and PayPal in Pakistan

Hafiz Junaid has filed a petition from Islamabad, which states that no e-commerce industry has been created in Pakistan due to its impossibility due to “bad politics.” ۔ The plaintiff explained that the Data Protection Law for Electronic Commerce of 2019 is not in line with the policy, therefore there are problems with its establishment, as the law is “important” for the development of electronic commerce.

He also pointed out flaws in consumer protection laws, stating that there are special consumables in China, Russia, and other countries. Rules with protection laws Consumer supports e-commerce.

In the app, Junaid also wrote that Amazon Pakistan is blocking people who have an IP address to enter the site because there are “unsafe” payment methods in the country.

According to the applicant, the government has not taken any steps to negotiate with payment companies and e-commerce companies, indicating that the government is using instruments of “globalization and modernization”.

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Providing the facts, Junaid said that the volume of e-commerce worldwide has reached $ 4 trillion, but Pakistan has not been able to capitalize on this because the government is not interested in getting opportunities from the e-commerce giant. Has 8.5 suppliers and 2.1. Active sellers.

The Secretary of Trade and Investment announced a week ago that he sent 38 sources to register with US e-commerce companies in the sports and surgical equipment and home textiles sectors. At the meeting, he said he would send the names of exporters to other companies and the names sent would be successfully registered, but no results were reported.

Junaid’s request is very correct. Pakistan is a youth home. Many of them have ideas for their startups and decent businesses, but due to their limited platform, they are unable to hone their business skills and mentality. In addition, Pakistan is the third most independent country. Most of them find it difficult to make money from their customers due to the lack of PayPal.

It is commendable that the Supreme Court attached great importance to this petition and demanded a response from the government. Hopefully, Amazon and PayPal will soon have offices, but this is also an idealistic way of thinking because Pakistan is nothing more than a country ruled by “empty beings.”

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