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Lux Style Awards 2020

This year’s Lux Style Awards 2020 will celebrate this year, the entire entertainment industry, moviegoers, and the Daily soup community.

Lux Style Awards 2020

Social media stars, models, dancers, designers, and musicians are ready to grab the attention audience. being honored or courtesy through the award is always the result of hard work. There is no artist and therefore the industry has grown very quickly. The Lux Style Awards began in 2002 and the last award to date was presented in 2019. which symbolizes a celebration of art and elegance. This year, not only in Pakistan but also in the United Arab Emirates and Malaysia this year, Tae Lux N celebrations are broadcast, because, given the customization of the code, they are not only privatizing the event but oh and will celebrate delightfully. We can be registered as prizes.

This year is not far off, there is no list of major nominations, and here are some of the candidates who are just having a hard time with each other.

Category: Fashion

Alicia Khan Fahim Ansari Farwa Kazemi Mashkim Kalim Zara Abed (later)

Model (man) Emil Hanchamp Amy Hassanein Lahiri Shahzad Nur Walid Siddiqi

Success in Fashion Design – Pratt

Beach Tree Generation Merka Misha Lahni Sonya Moscatia Zaha Design Alan

Haute Couture Achievement – Luxurious Fairy 3 Ali Zishanshah Lachishinia Stylist Mennil (North Nawab)

Best Young Talent

Asaad Bin Javid Photo of Maha Tahrani Female Model Naats Photo of Al-Zubair Male Model Zara Ali Photo

Category: Movie

Best Film  Badji – page 33 films directed by Sakib Malik in Kaboat Hall – Haniya Shema Waka, produced by Mel Chima Preheat Finished sketch produced by Asim Reda in Vision Factory Films – Produced by Hisham Bin Munawar Superstar – Student Number ready for Leo Hisham bin Munawar after he reached A Sima Reda

Best Director

Mumain Duraid’s production at MD Production! Lal Kabutar for Kamal Khan Muhammad Ikhtisamuddin Badji for the star Sakib Malik

Best Actor (People’s Choice and Critics Choice)

Ahmed Ali Akbar for Lal Kaputar Nadim Page, Lal Kaputar for the star Rashid Faruqi Salman Academic number is ready to certify! Shearer Munawar Paré Hit for Love

Best Actress (Audience Choice, Critics Choice)

Amna Elias Badji in “Mahira Khan” Superstar Mancha Pasha, Lal Kaputarmaya Maya Ali Badji in “Hit Lam of the World”

Best Female Singer (Film)

Bakaran Ali Sethi, Bikaran Ali Tariq Baha Na Jabbar Abbas Jagrat Mai Dhai Rag, Merli Zeb Bangash, Jadi Wang

Category: Music

Ali Pervays Lankahi, Eli Sethi, Chandani Raat for Hadia Hashmi, Bol Hosakin for Azar Sik Mitran Di Shiroz Hussein, Qurban

Song of the Year

Late Night Brown Shamon Ismail from Sugar in Sajad Ali from Ravi as Abdullah Sik Mitran Di Shiraz Hussain Author Gallery Abbas Ali Khan Phrases of Ali Khan Vasta Jaswal Abdullah Siddiqi

Best Young Talent

Ali Hasan Hasan – Sharhasa Ihsan and Roshan The Sewers of Nimer Gilani Live Show Producer Hammad Khan and Suhaib Larry by Big Foot Zain Ali and Zuhaib Ali Hydrium Category: TV

Best TV Program

The Courtyard – HUM TVChekh – ARY DigitalIs hq Zah e Naseeb – HUM TVMeray Paas Tum Ho – ARY Digital Ranja Ranja Cardi – HUM TV

Best Director

Farouk Rind for Ishq Zah Naseeb Kashif Nisar for Ranjha Ranjha Kheer for Ehteshamuddin for Aiganh Nadeem TV Actor (Viewers ‘Choice) and Best TV Actor (Viewers’ Choice) and Critics  Bilal Abbas Sheikh Lahmayun Said I have for you Imran Khan Ranja Cardi Raikhan at the direction of Sheikh Zahid Ahmad Shak Zah Nasib refused

Best TV Actress (Viewers ‘Choice and Critics’ Choice)

Mirza Corridor You are Aiza Khan on Hegra Aziz, here Yomna Zaidi for host

best writer

Faiza Iftikhar, Ranja Ranga Cardi Hashem Nadim Lashik Zah Nasib Hail Al Rahman Kamar for you I’m Hasrut Nadir for Hasik Zafar Best Angkor soundtrack (TV)

Ishq Zah Naseeb Naveed Nasheed Kisa Hai Nusseibeh by Zeb Pangash Person by Natasha Bigramas Ishik by Shani Irshad Ranja Ranga Cardi from GB Sisters / Rahma Ali Best Young Talent  Harun Sha head for Anas Jabbar Khat by Bulan Namal Hawar based on Mina Basis. For Anna, this is a huge series of nominations and fans are going crazy over her choice of the artist. The Vox method is mentioned on the official website of the Lux Style Awards as a favorite and gave all its votes to its loved ones. Outside.


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