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ARY “Jalan” Digital Drama Series Actors, Storytelling & OST

We’ve all seen the twin sisters of the drama industry Manal and Ayman Khan in the drama She has heartbreaking intentions for their families, but this time Manel surprises several other characters because Sister Khan wants to test her talent and increase her limit. So you will soon see it on Jalan.

ARY "Jalan" Digital Drama Series Actors, Storytelling & OST

Jalan is a project by Abbas Red (director) and Sadr Sahar Omran (writer), which will soon be broadcast on ARY Digital TV. Two sisters Nisha and Misha fall in love with a man. However, this man will be Misha’s husband, and Nisha will go home to break the knot and become his partner. However, at the same time, in a parallel story, Nisha will have a boyfriend who wants to marry her, but she will insult him greatly. Later, the family discovered the younger sister’s play, and the father said, “It can” is the thing. Viewers will see frustrated women hitting their boyfriend, and in some cases, they may be dragged out of her sister Misha’s house to save the marriage.

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Although the story looks very old and triangular Ordinary love, except hopefully the direction, camera footage and dialogue will make eye drops. Because his team is brand new with great acting skills. You will see Manal Khan as Nishi and Aribu Habib as Misha. Meanwhile, there will be the other half of Imad Irfani, Arraba Khabib, who will probably fall in love with his sister’s sister because he asked his wife to wear something different when Manal Khan shook his head outside the door. In the drama, her name will be Hassan. In addition, you will see Fahd Sheikh as Manila Khan’s lover, who bought him a shawl but insulted him why he bought him cheap gifts and told him that he had learned something from his son-in-law. Fahd al-Sheikh’s character will be named red.

However, Minal Khan is known for his roles in regular dramas, but to watch the drama you need to play several Ashes with the best sinister models. So watch her teasers and share your thoughts on this new drama coming soon to add color to her serious boring routines.

Drama series “Jalan” OST:

This is a thriller-drama series “Jalan”:

We have the cast, storyline and OST from Love To Alvida.

If you prefer to watch Saturday first, Ishq Zahnaseeb is nothing more than chemistry. Mahosh and Danesh and an amazing story aimed at improving the condition of Sonya Hussein. Ahmed’s ascetic husband, suffering from various personality disorders.

We have the cast, storyline and OST from Love To Alvida.

The dramatic composition of the series “I love you, Alvida”:

This time, the couple brings talents to tie you to the corner of the seat with Alveda Ari, a drum set from the Barakat Siddiqi project (director), and Abdul Khalek Khan (writer). Produced by Barakat Siddiqi and Zayed Al Sheikh. From her husband to marriage with the owner of the office he works in and with the owner seeking love. The husband marries her and his love for his master will gradually grow and this will hurt his first wife. However, old publications of Ishq Zhansib Heroin say that she will return to the Hindu trio and will play women with schizophrenia.

Plus, your acting skills are so strong that you can count on a selection of stories. So, you are forced to tell the story that Sonya Hussein, aka Olfat, will develop schizophrenia when Zahid Ahmed marries Mancha Pasha – a rich girl, her son and husband will begin to interest her more and more, and from there the story will turn into a psychological one. One. A dramatic series that’s sure to prepare you to leave the fireplace open and watch the entire series.

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The plot of the drama series “Mohabbat Tuji Al-Veda”:

Line and words of Sonya Hussein’s story People want to know what the real story is, except for the director and the book. I acted very wisely, they don’t reveal anything else. Full details will appear during the presentation of the first episode.

OST from the drama series “I Love You, Alvida”:

The logo of the drama series “I Love You, Alvida”:


Trailer for Osman Mukhtar and Ruby Chowdhury’s short film “Seat”

Heartthrob Usman Mukhtar recently posted a short film trailer on Instagram and YouTube revealing the mystery and bewilderment what happens next as the scene continues in the trailer. There is no image on it. Note

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The main character of the film directed by Anna Hero is Robbie Chowdhury as Nabi while it was written by Ali Moder and produced by Rangin Studio.

The trailer began with a caring actress who stopped shopping and asked the seller for two packs of cigarettes. He asked her if she does everything alone. He sarcastically replied that his dog also has some He kept smiling to hide the fool and justify what he asks every day when he buys. He asked if his conscience bothered him so much what he could buy in another store. Delivered a box and took I took money out of it. The scene moved to a park, where the short-sighted woman said the salesman had no intentions. He explained that he knew that smoking was harmful to his health, but he decided to sell it.

This is where the heartbreaking part begins. During the walk, Chowdhury Sahib says that people are determined by people’s choices and that the lucky ones are those who were right in two out of ten choices. “People are lucky if they make the right choice,” he said. The Dupatta actress has expressed regret that she was out of luck and is now trying to undo one of her bad decisions. As she sat on the bench, another sticky line appeared in her eyes, also determined by our capabilities. The scene ends with her dialogue “because it doesn’t take long.” Films have also been selected for the International Film Festival. He is also a finalist for the Independent Short Film Competition.

Robbie Chowdhury and Osman Mokhtar have done a great job. The author sparked enthusiasm in the audience, what kind of story would it be?

Geo TV Drama Series “Tied to the Door” Story and OST

Despite the ongoing closure and constant presence of the Coronavirus in our country, there are good offers. Women can Watch it. Thanks to our drama industry, which is filming shows and series before they air. Women and fans are currently waiting for Faiza Iftikhar’s new drama Bandhe Ah Dor Se

Geo TV Drama Series "Tied to the Door" Story and OST

Bandh Ek Door C is a new project by Abdullah Kadwani and Assad Qureshi starring Ahsan Khan, Hina Altaf, and Ushna Shah. We will also see Sabu Hamid, Sabu Faisal, and Samina Arshad

But out of boredom, it became clear that this is a romantic drama in which Khan, nicknamed Umar, falls in love with Hina Ataf, but after some disagreements. Will leave her, and the man will fall in love with the show’s innocent daughter, Oshnu Shah. which has appeared praying strongly in many promotions. In addition, it looks like Oshna will be the only female lead on the show, just like in the original hero track. He ran after her, and this is the first promotion of the drama.

According to the trailer, it looks like she is playing Oshn Khan’s cousin as she is seen lying on Saba Hamid’s chest and Hamid is my killer, Ty is my favorite hero. You will write the characters. He can be the sweetest of his neighbors, jumping from surface to surface to give roses.

Ashkhan’s beloved and Khan married each other, but Latif created negative thoughts for his rival. The result is screaming and spanking in the heads of the family and the groom. From Ost’s side, it seemed that the hero would discover kinder mistakes and run to him to apologize to the innocent girl.

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The song was released by the team, but the video is very fluid and creative. – I still hear the voices of Sahir Ali Bak and the truth about my existence.

Although no date has been announced yet, it will soon be airing on Geo Entertainment. This story looks very complicated, but Ahsan Khan must see it because he will appear on the screen after a long time. He was last seen in the sitcom SRK Friends.

We presented the drama series “Tera Ghum Or Hum” based on the story and OST.

Several TV series will be broadcast today. Besides Bande Ek Door C, Ahsan Khan Starring Umir, Oshna Shah, and Hina Altaf. Other dramas from this list aired. The cast is not as strong as Geo Entertainment, but Malala Yusufzai’s girlfriend hid an umbrella in the hearts of every viewer. That is why people are waiting for the next episode of Aziki Khan. Terra Game or Hum.

Tera Ghum Aur Hum Cast

Terra Game and Homme by Mina Khan Aziz and Maimuna Aziz, author of the book Sutton, director Azim Sajjad and producer MD Productions and Momal Entertainment.

Casting drama series Terra Gham Or Hum:

Besides Isa Khan from Malala Yar, we also have Hijra Yamin from Pinky Memb and Malik Budge of Malalay Yar, known as Zayn Baig.In addition to the director himself, Hamir Bano, Bina Chaudhry, Rashid Tabsam, Shajiru in, and Raja Haydar. But that’s not all. Actors and Supplements.

The history of the drama series “Terra Ghum Or Hum”:

Judging by the teaser and advertisements, Zayn and Hajar will be lovers, but Anika wants to marry the hero. So, on the day of the henna, she will send her home to one of her competitors, which will cause her to collapse and give Aziza a chance to enter her life. However, you can see her loss because we saw Hajar fall off the roof as she was on the roof and was approaching.

Also, it looks like Hajar will be insecure about Zane because she jokingly got into Rose’s heart and then left the screen. From a recent teaser, it seemed like Zane would find out about Aisha’s negative plans that led to her leaving him.

Zain will write an essay about Omar’s character. Amir will be a confused lover who will not understand or believe what is shown to him. Regardless, Terra Gam and Hume seem like a drama that will have beautiful love, but what will get her to watch is Malay Yar’s dialogues or scenes.

OST drama series “Tera Gham Aur Hum”:

Drama series “Tera Gham Aur Hum” jammed:

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Top 10 OST from the latest TV series

If you want to keep playing songs in your car and phone all the time, scroll down and see which the Audio O (OST) path is now original!

Top 10 OST from the latest TV series

1. Pearl Goats:

Enthusiastic music with touching melodies makes the songs of sisters Adnan Dahul and Bieber worth listening to and downloading. The video doubles the pain because it features scenes of child marriage and abuse that make you wonder why this is happening in our society.

2. Jalan:

Rahat Ali Khan’s voice should be heard along with thrilling melodies and strong music. The lines are full of her music

“Poison Poison Terry Nihal Real Rina.

Dil na bar bar Sushan da azab sahana loves your song.

3. Madness:

If you want the music to rise and fall instantly, you have to sing the madness you hear in the episode because the powerful voice of Char Ali Bhaj has added energy to OST.

4. Tied to Time:

It is a combination of strong voices and the knots of the truth of Qiyani and Sakhir Ali Bhagi, and it is enough to be heard. While many singing and capturing videos will bother you, the perfect combination will get you used to it.

5. Love:

The soft voice of Asim Azhar – singing an elegy

“Love Kiya Min Na Ha

Main Lane

This will definitely make you a regular listener.

6. Enemy of the Soul:

Opening song with a kindred voice Awful

“Enemy of the Soul

What is my soul

Enemy of the heart

what a heartbeat ”will make you vibrate with music in your ears until they disappear.

7. Gum and Ham:

Voice of Navid Nashad. Simple melodies mixed with the node are heard during free time while driving to resume its activity.

8. Zebish:

Another TV series is Zebish with top OST.

9. I love you. Alvida:

Your words are sure to make you feel that when we sing “Beach Khoshian Kharide Gum” we are playing with our joys and sorrows because of the money-oriented mentality.

10. My Mana Rakhna:

The singer paid tribute to the deep melody of My Mana Rakhna, and that’s why it’s worth listening to.

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We presented the Mushk drama series, storyline and OST.

The old face attached to the clutch has now been replaced with a grip. You are skeptical and when Will you leave? ”It will air on Hum TV on Monday at 8:00 pm However, you can see why you should watch it, but there are many reasons to check out the details of the drama.

We presented the Mushk drama series, storyline and OST.

Watch the drama series Al Mushk:

Al Mask is the creation of Imran Ashraf, our true oblivion. Due to the amazing play and dialogue of the characters, we didn’t watch the tapir and we found it emotional and funny. This script was created through our oblivion. Musk’s script, however, is the result of a collaboration between the author of the tapir book and screenwriter Del Mira. So the plot is awesome because it has different layers. If you saw the first event, you will surely perceive it through a change From strong to weak and from weak to strong Take, for example, Mumal Sheikh, who is portrayed as a weak character who turns and accepts what he says, with although some scenes show what the free spirit was like in the future. In addition, Osama Taher has gone from being a young man in prison to being a horrible person who remembers his past and sits in the back.

This case demonstrates that each character has a different hue and layer.

The history of the drama series “Al Mask”:

The drama series is outdated and old and elderly actors are gathered on the same platform. Finally, after a long time, he saw the return of our heroin addict Harp Hocken and Mumal Sheikh. In addition, Osama Taher’s departure from Dar Jati Sil is also mentioned in this episode. Musk will let you see our beloved Paulo Imran Ashraf. The actor will have gray characters that are sure to impress him with his difficult and insecure role in Kahin Deep Jala, where his financial situation and incomplete information about his wife’s past made him insecure and difficult.

Plus his talent isn’t that bad. However, Ali Zafar sang it and spared no effort to amaze with melody and fear of music.

These are three main reasons why you should pay attention to musk. Musk means scent in Urdu and history is no less than perfume because there are many characters and each character has a past that influenced her condition and changed her personality. So, go up every Monday on HUMTV and watch the series. You will not regret it.

Drama Series “Mushk” OST:

Drama Series “Mushk”:


ARY Digital Drama Series “Prem Gali” Actors, Plot and OST

Introducing ARY Digital, Prem Gali’s drama series gives viewers a quick overview. The first two promotions.

ARY Digital Drama Series "Prem Gali" Actors, Plot and OST

Prem Galli drama series:

Outstanding actors and producers in this industry – Pakistani drama – is the basis and the main characters of Brim Galli, with whom people should be born. Actors Saba Hamid, Anusha, Wasim Abbas, Kawi Khan and many others

drama series “Prem Galli”:

As everyone knows, Qasim Ali Murid is none other than Anjan from his popular drama series. He also directed this drama, which is believed to be a sequel to the most popular TV series Angan.

Faiza Iftikhar planned the play and directed it by Humayun Said.

The plot revolves around a love story, a cat Oraya sheds light on the most common problems of today. a society with comedy and lively food, entertainment, and disaster. The story begins with a love story between two people, Hamza and Joya, played by the highly anticipated duo from the drama series Dee Ijaz Joe To, Humayun Said, and Sohai Ali Abro.

The standing actors made people expect more and more from Prem Galley.

The plot seems to unfold on the bustling streets of the quarter where two lovers live. With a beautiful OST, colorful layout, a gripping storyline, and most importantly, the cast, this drama series has viewers tighten their belts and keep moving for a fun and easy drama series.

The first two teasers make it clear that Faiza Iftikhar didn’t just want to impress her fans with a beautiful plot twist.

Qasim Ali Murid pointed out the difference between the two explanations and said that while it appears to be an extension of the popular drama scene on television, it is also very different. It’s about an area where people, like a family, live, celebrate and cry together in any situation.

Prem Gali attracted millions of viewers with the release of its first two teasers. She just released her first episode of the month, which shocked many and made people huge fans.

We hope this fun, lively and intricate love story will make Monday an unforgettable memory. This is our first time. So what are you waiting for?

Drama “Prem Gali” OST:

Blocked drama series “Prem Gali”:

Churails Web Series Season 1 Review

Chevrolet, Assem Abbasi’s masterpiece, has been an industry leader since its first launch on the Z10 it only has 10 episodes, and with each episode, it unites viewers even more.

Churails Web Series Season 1 Review

Answer this question before delving into the details of this web series. Have you ever seen a man blame a decision and then punish him justly? No law. Historically, blaming women for all mistakes and expecting the best of them have been an integral part of society. This is Abbasi’s view of our prevailing social norms.

Sal Asem Abbasi confidently emphasizes this controversial nature of modern society, she beautifully combined the recently released web series Choriles with the most controversial and controversial strategy of this particular suit that has been used by women and around the world for centuries.

This is usually the story of four hostile women who are referred to as a lawyer, a housewife, a wedding wine organizer, a convicted murderer, and, ultimately, a mother. A young woman wants love and success in the competitive world of boxing.

People from different walks of life seem to be very different. And yet they are found where they are related to crime. Since then, the four have started the business, offering a spy in the service of a faithful deceitful couple.

However, this is part of the puzzle and there is still much to be done. Hijab

In short, this is not a simple web series that people just want to enjoy. You can see, but it is a complete source of awareness of the problems that remain hidden in the nerves. It paints a perfect picture of domestic violence such as forced marriage, physical or psychological abuse, sexual abuse, harassment in general, and more.

This is a series that should interest every man and woman. The real victims are the victims. This indirectly reflects the gateway to the intolerable realities of a society in which women are tolerated, based on the specific social context of a woman who is responsible for everyone.

It should be noted that, in general, this is the work of Jamil Asim Abbasi, who has not yet gone anywhere to question. By introducing highly skilled actors such as Tarvat Gilani, Nimra Posha, Mehr Bano, and Yassir Razavi as the significance of a very engaging storyline, he made content viewing possible.

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