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My husband says I have very little time to live.

We are all familiar with Myra G and her fake English accent that laughs when it works Her videos on the news channels make fun of her in the cafeteria Give the voice we all know his comments on Mahir Khan that surprised us and made many of us use his photos to create memes, but we don’t know that he is now addicted to heroin, she became a devout person for other purposes. To improve the country.

My husband says I have very little time to live meera gIn a recent interview with Sama TV Badji Herwin said, speaking of the quarantine and Coronaviruses, it is scary to see coffins and corpses coming from different sides of streets and roads. ”He said:“ There is no guarantee that we will live in the next moment. ”He also said that we humans will go to the afterlife and leave things in this the world. He wrote the text of the quarantine and will shoot a TV movie on it.

In his talk, A. During his spiritual journey, Central Command told Hiluna that he met God and that is why he found God by his side. First time. He explained that his soul seemed to be gone and that he had met God. However, according to her, after a while, she realized that she was alive and in the world. The famous actress from Lollywood said that her goal now is to sacrifice her life for good deeds because she has less time to live in this world.

He showed his love for Pakistan and explained to the owner that when he boarded the plane and arrived in Pakistan from New York, he offered prostration at the airport and was very grateful to God. Mira expressed her desire to die in Pakistan and buried in a cemetery near her home.

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Despite the idea of ​​returning to the realm of glamor, the actress asked the host to talk about it now.

Mira Jay is one of the best actresses in the Pakistani film and drama industry. She shot films in India and some of her films gained fame in Delhi and Mumbai. However, in an interview, she said that she will no longer be in the media, we wish her the best in this new journey and can pray to God to give her the energy to achieve her goals.

, which tells about her struggle when he got home. In fact, this is the first time you fully understand what you are talking about. Let’s all contribute forever.

Saira Yousef talks about her divorce

Recent changes in the history of Saira Yousef and Shahruz Sabzuri Enter Saira’s ancient interview into the news and people trying to read Between these lines in a previous interview with VJ, he discovered the reason for her divorce and her life after the divorce because she hasn’t said anything about her divorce and divorce since this story began on social media.

Saira Yousef talks about her divorce

Saira Yousef first appeared in Ramadan in a post-divorce interview on the hypothetical Hassan Shahriyar Yasin (HSY) show, where she talks about her life, her daughter Nuri Ur and quarantine. At the beginning of the show, he told the stylist about his tricks to get things from Nuri and his relatives, and then shed light on his personal life.

Like any other public figure, it remained a stable and consistent path. life, she explained to HSY that there are now people in her life who can count on their fingers. the mother of the young child told him that he is a very special person and does not allow anyone to easily enter his life. To dance, who is Shikhar Yar Munavar’s partner, his thought process. He said he understands that other people’s actions will influence others and will not be affected by them. And he expressed his feeling that each person’s actions are a response to what is happening in their minds, and that it will not be due to their actions or ideas. “We are all responsible for our actions, not for the actions of anyone else,” he said.

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Additionally, the actress discussed her future plans and said she will be hosting a show like VJ. The interviewer praised her for being a brave woman who does a job that makes her feel comfortable and at ease. She remembered her modeling days and how hard she worked to become a celebrity.

Saira and Shahruz divorced a few months ago this year, and then the only actor divorced his wife due to some personal issues. Several bloggers spread rumors that the ex-husband was having an affair with model Sadaf Kanwal. So they had problems.

However, no one knows the true story. Shahruz and Behruz Sabzuri rejected these comments. His son Sabzwari recently married Kanwal.

ARY “Jalan” Digital Drama Series Actors, Storytelling & OST

We’ve all seen the twin sisters of the drama industry Manal and Ayman Khan in the drama She has heartbreaking intentions for their families, but this time Manel surprises several other characters because Sister Khan wants to test her talent and increase her limit. So you will soon see it on Jalan.

ARY "Jalan" Digital Drama Series Actors, Storytelling & OST

Jalan is a project by Abbas Red (director) and Sadr Sahar Omran (writer), which will soon be broadcast on ARY Digital TV. Two sisters Nisha and Misha fall in love with a man. However, this man will be Misha’s husband, and Nisha will go home to break the knot and become his partner. However, at the same time, in a parallel story, Nisha will have a boyfriend who wants to marry her, but she will insult him greatly. Later, the family discovered the younger sister’s play, and the father said, “It can” is the thing. Viewers will see frustrated women hitting their boyfriend, and in some cases, they may be dragged out of her sister Misha’s house to save the marriage.

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Although the story looks very old and triangular Ordinary love, except hopefully the direction, camera footage and dialogue will make eye drops. Because his team is brand new with great acting skills. You will see Manal Khan as Nishi and Aribu Habib as Misha. Meanwhile, there will be the other half of Imad Irfani, Arraba Khabib, who will probably fall in love with his sister’s sister because he asked his wife to wear something different when Manal Khan shook his head outside the door. In the drama, her name will be Hassan. In addition, you will see Fahd Sheikh as Manila Khan’s lover, who bought him a shawl but insulted him why he bought him cheap gifts and told him that he had learned something from his son-in-law. Fahd al-Sheikh’s character will be named red.

However, Minal Khan is known for his roles in regular dramas, but to watch the drama you need to play several Ashes with the best sinister models. So watch her teasers and share your thoughts on this new drama coming soon to add color to her serious boring routines.

Drama series “Jalan” OST:

This is a thriller-drama series “Jalan”:

We have the cast, storyline and OST from Love To Alvida.

If you prefer to watch Saturday first, Ishq Zahnaseeb is nothing more than chemistry. Mahosh and Danesh and an amazing story aimed at improving the condition of Sonya Hussein. Ahmed’s ascetic husband, suffering from various personality disorders.

We have the cast, storyline and OST from Love To Alvida.

The dramatic composition of the series “I love you, Alvida”:

This time, the couple brings talents to tie you to the corner of the seat with Alveda Ari, a drum set from the Barakat Siddiqi project (director), and Abdul Khalek Khan (writer). Produced by Barakat Siddiqi and Zayed Al Sheikh. From her husband to marriage with the owner of the office he works in and with the owner seeking love. The husband marries her and his love for his master will gradually grow and this will hurt his first wife. However, old publications of Ishq Zhansib Heroin say that she will return to the Hindu trio and will play women with schizophrenia.

Plus, your acting skills are so strong that you can count on a selection of stories. So, you are forced to tell the story that Sonya Hussein, aka Olfat, will develop schizophrenia when Zahid Ahmed marries Mancha Pasha – a rich girl, her son and husband will begin to interest her more and more, and from there the story will turn into a psychological one. One. A dramatic series that’s sure to prepare you to leave the fireplace open and watch the entire series.

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The plot of the drama series “Mohabbat Tuji Al-Veda”:

Line and words of Sonya Hussein’s story People want to know what the real story is, except for the director and the book. I acted very wisely, they don’t reveal anything else. Full details will appear during the presentation of the first episode.

OST from the drama series “I Love You, Alvida”:

The logo of the drama series “I Love You, Alvida”:


Trailer for Osman Mukhtar and Ruby Chowdhury’s short film “Seat”

Heartthrob Usman Mukhtar recently posted a short film trailer on Instagram and YouTube revealing the mystery and bewilderment what happens next as the scene continues in the trailer. There is no image on it. Note

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The main character of the film directed by Anna Hero is Robbie Chowdhury as Nabi while it was written by Ali Moder and produced by Rangin Studio.

The trailer began with a caring actress who stopped shopping and asked the seller for two packs of cigarettes. He asked her if she does everything alone. He sarcastically replied that his dog also has some He kept smiling to hide the fool and justify what he asks every day when he buys. He asked if his conscience bothered him so much what he could buy in another store. Delivered a box and took I took money out of it. The scene moved to a park, where the short-sighted woman said the salesman had no intentions. He explained that he knew that smoking was harmful to his health, but he decided to sell it.

This is where the heartbreaking part begins. During the walk, Chowdhury Sahib says that people are determined by people’s choices and that the lucky ones are those who were right in two out of ten choices. “People are lucky if they make the right choice,” he said. The Dupatta actress has expressed regret that she was out of luck and is now trying to undo one of her bad decisions. As she sat on the bench, another sticky line appeared in her eyes, also determined by our capabilities. The scene ends with her dialogue “because it doesn’t take long.” Films have also been selected for the International Film Festival. He is also a finalist for the Independent Short Film Competition.

Robbie Chowdhury and Osman Mokhtar have done a great job. The author sparked enthusiasm in the audience, what kind of story would it be?

Mahira Khan will soon marry Salim Karim

Although the coronavirus epidemic has limited use in our homes and apartments, it has brought the same time a lot of joys, for example, helping us to unite with our families and making time for ourselves Much also happens as a greeting in show business. After the birth of a child in the house of Arij Fatima, the marriage of Hina Altaf, Aga Ali, Shahruza Sabzuri, and Sadaf Kanwal, Mahara Khan announced, that loves someone at Home. Virtual.

Mahira Khan will soon marry Salim Karim

Talk to Hasan Shahriyar Yasser during the live stream on Instagram (HSY) The designer asked her about Fashion is love in which she agreed that she was in love with someone. The host revealed her name. Her name is Salim, although Hamsar Heroin did not want her name to be revealed. The host said that this person is also smart and handsome.

Salim Karim is a young Pakistani businessman and CEO of Sim Paisa. His company is professionally affiliated with the Marvel Board. SIM Money provides payment methods with SIM K. There is also a cream jockey disco.

Since April last year, Khan and Karim have been on social media together. So it’s good that they’re both busy. Although after that fake news appeared.

Khan was seen at the wedding of Karim’s friend. Additionally, Karim was with Khan at the 2017 Taped TV launch.

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HSY asked me to work as a model. When she looked Karim in the eye, what did she think? At first, the Khan did not want to speak, but then it all started with the memories of the Hamsafir dynasty. In the event he said: “May God be pleased with him because he would be better in his life, as Asher said forever in“ Humsafar ”. The actress said that she had the same ideas regarding her son. He explained that the son is the center of his world and everything that revolves around him.

Mahira Khan married Vj Ali Askari in 2007 at the age of 21, but the couple broke up in 2015. Azlan Al-Askari is the son of a divorced couple.

Pakistani actress Falk Naz dies

Falk Naz is an old and major actress in the Pakistani drama industry. She is best known for being plays the role of maid and grandmother in drama series and soap This woman is known as the maid at the Butterfly House where she was the maid Hump Chowdhury, who cleaned every house in the house, took care of her children, and listened to her voice until I get well.

Pakistani actress Falk Naz dies

Naz was also spotted on Geo TV’s My Dalari where the PKK was Friendship Yumna Zaidi played a central role in the opposition to Sami Khan.

Unlike Samina Pirzad, she played a part. Poor and elderly women had to work hard to earn a living and had some income.

According to the stories of her loved ones, Naz died in Karachi on Monday. However, no members are mentioned, she got sick or died suddenly.

Like Flock Naz, there are many simple actors and actresses. who has never been a tribute to their efforts and roles on the big screen? Although they work very hard. Caesar Naqvi is one of them. She usually plays the housemaid and housekeeper, but no director of The Morning Show has invited her into the drama industry for long.

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Although Nazi astronomy is no longer with us, we can pray about it and remember it in our prayers. May God grant him a high position in the Jinn, and that his family will find the peace and happiness that they deserve.

Pakistani Television Actress Astronomy Soul Calms Us

FIR Recorded Against Aisha Sana

While there are people in our entertainment industry who are against social issues, there are only people in the same gallery that create problems for other people with their behavior. Social networks With him to speak out against the persecution, and Sonia Hussein, who talks about mental health and mental disorders, but we also have Aisha Sana, who uses other people in her community After taking the money, they hide in order not to return it.

FIR Recorded Against Aisha Sana

According to recent sources and victims, this Ra Dal received Rs 2 million from the injured actress Mian Ali Moain said he did not receive a call although he called several times The complainant also said the actress gave him a check for Rs 2 million after asking him for a long time The check was not processed at the bank due to lack of media st in the bank account.

Muin said that Sanaa took money from different people and the committee said it was for personal use. There is a need. According to a complaint filed with Defense B Block in Lahore, the Morning Show has raised Rs 20 million from all people.

The police are currently claiming that they fled after filing the case, but will soon find him and punish Sana.

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Aisha Sana is an actress. Pakistani drama industry. She plays the role of mother and aunt in dramas. It debuted with the first Rain released in Germany. She has also appeared in the films Miss Fit, Glass Cross and Lagan. She was last seen on DJ Ajaqat in 2018, which aired on Hum TV. Sana is well known for her hosting and promotion. Hosted by Meena Bazaar and Meena Bazaar with Aisha Sana from Karachi and Studio Lahore from PTV Home. Hosting Lahore TV’s morning program, she became the host.

Aisha Sana has committed a terrible crime. Many people suffer from this. Although he has serious problems, this does not mean stealing money, because others have their own expenses, and that is their money. The police are obliged to investigate and find him as quickly as possible.

Geo TV Drama Series “Tied to the Door” Story and OST

Despite the ongoing closure and constant presence of the Coronavirus in our country, there are good offers. Women can Watch it. Thanks to our drama industry, which is filming shows and series before they air. Women and fans are currently waiting for Faiza Iftikhar’s new drama Bandhe Ah Dor Se

Geo TV Drama Series "Tied to the Door" Story and OST

Bandh Ek Door C is a new project by Abdullah Kadwani and Assad Qureshi starring Ahsan Khan, Hina Altaf, and Ushna Shah. We will also see Sabu Hamid, Sabu Faisal, and Samina Arshad

But out of boredom, it became clear that this is a romantic drama in which Khan, nicknamed Umar, falls in love with Hina Ataf, but after some disagreements. Will leave her, and the man will fall in love with the show’s innocent daughter, Oshnu Shah. which has appeared praying strongly in many promotions. In addition, it looks like Oshna will be the only female lead on the show, just like in the original hero track. He ran after her, and this is the first promotion of the drama.

According to the trailer, it looks like she is playing Oshn Khan’s cousin as she is seen lying on Saba Hamid’s chest and Hamid is my killer, Ty is my favorite hero. You will write the characters. He can be the sweetest of his neighbors, jumping from surface to surface to give roses.

Ashkhan’s beloved and Khan married each other, but Latif created negative thoughts for his rival. The result is screaming and spanking in the heads of the family and the groom. From Ost’s side, it seemed that the hero would discover kinder mistakes and run to him to apologize to the innocent girl.

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The song was released by the team, but the video is very fluid and creative. – I still hear the voices of Sahir Ali Bak and the truth about my existence.

Although no date has been announced yet, it will soon be airing on Geo Entertainment. This story looks very complicated, but Ahsan Khan must see it because he will appear on the screen after a long time. He was last seen in the sitcom SRK Friends.

Tik Toker Sia Kakkar, 16, committed suicide

Sia Kakar is a tech teen who is known for his videos of popular Indian songs She dances and curls her lips. She has 1.5 to 1.5 million followers. According to expert and agency manager Aaron Sarin, she was amazing. However, despite the upcoming fame and new plans, the hypothetical Indian star committed suicide on June 25 in her home in Phantom Vihar, New Delhi. Her manager and family members reported her death. The family is in shock. So they do not respond to the media. Meanwhile, the manager said that even before the day of the suicide, she looks trite. She said talking about collaborating on new songs and having a good mood.

Tik Toker Sia Kakar, 16, committed suicide

Several celebrities and professionals Media expressed condolences to 16-years celebrities. Photojournalist Viral Bhani wrote a note for Kakar on Instagram. He wrote that he was sad to hear about his death. “People shouldn’t go this way.”

Champion Kamat J. Bhanushali expressed his condolences and said that the video posted on the photo-sharing platform featuring Fords makes the hearts of his family happy.

Sia Kakkar is dead. All we can do is value our mental health and take care of our physical and mental health.

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