Shahroz Sabzwari and Sadaf to appear in TV movie soon

Shahruz Spizzioi and model Seashell Spizzio will appear in a television comedy that will broadcast on ARY Digital on the occasion of Eid al-Adha Soon after my divorce from Saira Yousef.

Shahroz Sabzwari and Sadaf to appear in TV movie soon

in an interview, actress Blue Fish explained the story, saying that the story revolves around two sisters and their husbands, he said, crying actors and the story, Javed Sheikh will play Mamo, who will be Sadaf’s father and Sabzwari’s father

Reportedly, Barat will be Eurosa Siddiqi. She will have another sister and her husband Ahmed Hasan.

According to the newlyweds, Mamo will be a rich man who will take care of their daughters and their husbands. In other words, they will be “local children. ”

Other characters will participate in the play, such as Zahleh Sarhadi, who would Will be a nurse for a sick man or woman.

The jealous actor told Sabzwari during an interview that he enjoys working with Canwal because he is very professional. When they enter a group, they treat themselves professionally, even if they are together. He explained that he considered this work to be his job, and when the shooting was over, he talks about the house and what he likes.

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Although this is Kanwal’s first time filming on the phone, Mr. Husband said his wife is so funny because he tells so many jokes onset and the best part is that the match is chosen for a laugh.

Kanwal and her husband agreed. She told the interviewer that Blue Mahi’s manager praised her and said that she makes good comedies.

Speaking about the set, Son Spazuri said that the sheik also loves Canwal, so there is a lot of warmth and love during filming. Shot him down.

The only new actor sets a lot. He said that the reason for choosing this play was to play a different role than he and his wife, and he decided to entertain the audience in a different way.

The actor revealed the name of the television “Gar Ke Na Ghat Ke”. In contrast to custom, lilies are depicted on benches in civilian clothes, and the sabzurs have a mustache.


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