Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir wedding photos

Miral Sabata defeated his parents, little brother, and wife so poor in a drama that he never Everyone is still surprised by his actions, but his favorite thing is psychological. The daughter surprises fan more than the unexpected announcement of her engagement with employees during a meeting.

Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir wedding photos

Dewar Shab’s Sarah Khan posted a photo on Instagram that had a very bright color and she said, “I said yes.” Then a video appeared showing the singer: Ijaz Falk Shabir put the ring on Khan’s finger as he knelt in front of the crowd on the ground. About their engagement and mayonnaise on social media to share their happiness with their fans and loved ones. People loved the photo of Khan with henna and this beautiful phrase “Heavenly Bride”.

Meanwhile, the audience is happy coiled the warm Shabir style of marrying the bride on her knees and then Sitting with Han with Mayo and having such a beautiful ear in his ears, he said. his love for H Lal Hamsa made him laugh and smile.

Sabat Psycho Lady’s clothing attracted thousands of women and girls who loved the red dress she wore, her glamorous looks, and her flowing hair. The bride’s yellow dress, combined with dura and delicate makeup, was quick to win the hearts of the public.

Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir wedding photos

The couple was warmly greeted by show business stars who greeted the couple in the comments. Ayman Khan and Manal Khan wrote “Masha Allah” on the first photo of their engagement on Khan’s personal page, and the sheik’s brothers and sisters wished the couple on Instagram. He also wished Aga Ali Khan and Shabir on social media.

Until last year, there were rumors that Aga Ali was having an affair with Khan. Ali justified himself that he liked Sarah on the show of veteran Samina Pirzade. However, they broke up, and today Ali Pandey is the husband of Hina Altaf.

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Sarah Khan is one of the most famous actresses in the Pakistani drama industry, and Falk Shabir is nothing less than the best singer who has proven her strength in Bollywood and won the hearts of people with her voice. And tunes, spouses can lead a better life in this world and the next.

Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir wedding photos


It’s good that they are both so cute – may God keep them from evil eyes A’ameen🤲❤ # Sarahkhan #FalakSabir

– Josie (javeria_16) July 16, 2020

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