Saira Yousef talks about her divorce

Recent changes in the history of Saira Yousef and Shahruz Sabzuri Enter Saira’s ancient interview into the news and people trying to read Between these lines in a previous interview with VJ, he discovered the reason for her divorce and her life after the divorce because she hasn’t said anything about her divorce and divorce since this story began on social media.

Saira Yousef talks about her divorce

Saira Yousef first appeared in Ramadan in a post-divorce interview on the hypothetical Hassan Shahriyar Yasin (HSY) show, where she talks about her life, her daughter Nuri Ur and quarantine. At the beginning of the show, he told the stylist about his tricks to get things from Nuri and his relatives, and then shed light on his personal life.

Like any other public figure, it remained a stable and consistent path. life, she explained to HSY that there are now people in her life who can count on their fingers. the mother of the young child told him that he is a very special person and does not allow anyone to easily enter his life. To dance, who is Shikhar Yar Munavar’s partner, his thought process. He said he understands that other people’s actions will influence others and will not be affected by them. And he expressed his feeling that each person’s actions are a response to what is happening in their minds, and that it will not be due to their actions or ideas. “We are all responsible for our actions, not for the actions of anyone else,” he said.

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Additionally, the actress discussed her future plans and said she will be hosting a show like VJ. The interviewer praised her for being a brave woman who does a job that makes her feel comfortable and at ease. She remembered her modeling days and how hard she worked to become a celebrity.

Saira and Shahruz divorced a few months ago this year, and then the only actor divorced his wife due to some personal issues. Several bloggers spread rumors that the ex-husband was having an affair with model Sadaf Kanwal. So they had problems.

However, no one knows the true story. Shahruz and Behruz Sabzuri rejected these comments. His son Sabzwari recently married Kanwal.

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