Saba Qamar’s new video “When will we understand”

Since the announcement of the closure, many celebrities, and ordinary people have opened their blogs. Many of his blogs Most of them contain vlogs and videos about everyday life and magic, but some publish videos on warm topics. Unlike Ikra Aziz and Haniya Amir’s blogs, Saba Kamar’s videos are about social issues and her personal life. Tell us about their divorce on the video. In the video. Talk, talk about the bullying and death of actors due to trolling.

Saba Kamar new video

” When will you understand? “Has a video recently been made? He posted it on YouTube. The rebellious actress named several actresses. He said,” There are many people who take us trolls and kill us. “She talked about bullying. She said:” We did not know what impact it would have on people’s lives. ”

Kamar was injured. There are tears in his eyes, in a white cotton shirt and shawl, although the video shows him laughing and waving his hands, but there are photographs of white. And black will show it. And it happens that people become infected when trolls appear on social networks. “We teach our children to hate and shoot,” she said. Then expect them to love us. Speaking about bullying, he said that flowers can bloom if a lesson in hate is taught. Advise to love others and empower people to make their own decisions.

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The heroine of the resume talks about people of color and beauty, and then about their awareness when there is nothing wrong with their beauty. He said, “People became gods to judge others.”

In addition to her words, her pictures, in which she was sitting in front of the bathroom, tightly hugging her knees, were flooded with water. There were some tears in the eyes of the famous actress. In addition, some of the images show that his red eyes clearly show the message.

Also, choosing a color increases the strength of the message. Black, white and gray colors make this message more effective and efficient.

Unlike other people in the entertainment industry who are primarily concerned with beauty and clothing, Kamar has developed a very important topic of mental health. Talk about the importance of human relationships with others and how words can hurt others.

We forget about the importance of others and call others bad and bad, but we want others to say something good about us too.

Saba Kamar did a great job. It is because of her thoughts and her surprise that an experienced actress rules others.

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