Rangers will save us, save our economy from terror: attack on the Pakistani stock exchange

Pakistani police and paramilitaries attacked the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) at 10 are day, Monday, June 29, 2020, in a major attack in downtown Karachi that killed four militants.

Rangers will save us, save our economy from terror: attack on the Pakistani stock exchange

Police said four armed men parked their cars in the building and threw a grenade at the scene. The forces said the gunmen opened fire on the spot.

PSX Director Abed Ali told the media that the gunmen had infiltrated so they looked like bodyguards and police officers. Fortunately, special forces surrounded the building, prevented the attack, and killed the militants. Sharbel Haral, deputy inspector general of police in the southern district of the city, told the media that As a result of the shelling, five people were killed. The fire, four militants, and a policeman added that three more police officers were injured and two killed in the attack. N from private security.

To highlight the bravery of the rangers and police, the officer said the food was tied to the bodies of the militants, indicating that they died. For a long time in the center of the city treasury and the attack was planned.

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According to media reports, the forces and militants fired for 20 minutes and the militants were unable to attack the area for eight minutes. Although the PSX staff are safe. On the evening of the same day, the general director of the Pakistani Sindh Guard, Major General Omar Ahmad Bukhari, announced that the Balochistan Liberation Army (BAB) had claimed responsibility for the attack on the center.

The SLA also claimed responsibility for other platforms, claiming that Majid Brigade planned a self-immolation attack on the stock exchange. The reporter said that during the shooting, his men took over the site from the inside.

The separatist agency was created in 2000 due to the government’s monopoly on mining and gas in Baluchistan.

To achieve its goal, the agency has repeatedly attacked Chinese engineers and paramilitaries. Their goal is to free Pakistan from Baluchistan.

However, PSX remained safe, the center’s account tweeted that the situation was developing and that PSX leadership was trying to gain control of the situation with the help of special forces.

Digital and social media praised Khalil’s computer and companion’s computer for their courage and proactive response to the attack when their video was broadcast on television and news channels.

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