Pakistani actress Falk Naz dies

Falk Naz is an old and major actress in the Pakistani drama industry. She is best known for being plays the role of maid and grandmother in drama series and soap This woman is known as the maid at the Butterfly House where she was the maid Hump Chowdhury, who cleaned every house in the house, took care of her children, and listened to her voice until I get well.

Pakistani actress Falk Naz dies

Naz was also spotted on Geo TV’s My Dalari where the PKK was Friendship Yumna Zaidi played a central role in the opposition to Sami Khan.

Unlike Samina Pirzad, she played a part. Poor and elderly women had to work hard to earn a living and had some income.

According to the stories of her loved ones, Naz died in Karachi on Monday. However, no members are mentioned, she got sick or died suddenly.

Like Flock Naz, there are many simple actors and actresses. who has never been a tribute to their efforts and roles on the big screen? Although they work very hard. Caesar Naqvi is one of them. She usually plays the housemaid and housekeeper, but no director of The Morning Show has invited her into the drama industry for long.

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Although Nazi astronomy is no longer with us, we can pray about it and remember it in our prayers. May God grant him a high position in the Jinn, and that his family will find the peace and happiness that they deserve.

Pakistani Television Actress Astronomy Soul Calms Us

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