Pakistan will Register Sellers on Amazon

After a few countries, Pakistan on Sunday sent to American e-commerce company Amazon To register 38 names surgical sellers, sporting goods, and home textiles companies. Contains names.

Pakistan will Register Sellers on Amazon

Advertise Advisor on Abdul Razzak Daud’s the trade and investment that company names from other sectors will be submitted for registration when the above sectors are selected by Amazon on Thursday, followed by another meeting National Council on Electronic Commerce>

The consultant spoke about the importance of digital business and said that Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are associated with the e-commerce platform in this epidemic, and said that the digital world has been used earlier than others during this epidemic. COVID-19 around the world to take advantage of the various opportunities to achieve economic stability and governance. Therefore, today it is an “important sector”.

In addition, ar David showed the meeting a video clip of the WHO Director, in which the Director praised the country’s e-commerce policy. And their efforts to bring business to the digital world. Dowd also praised the efforts of private and public companies to help them implement this policy.

Meanwhile, the State Bank of Pakistan said it has established a regulatory framework for cross-border B2C facilities. The framework will be implemented when the e-commerce module is integrated into OneCustom, he said. The e-commerce division is developed by the Federal Tax Board (FBR).

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The provincial governments of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab informed the participants about the e-commerce budget in the provincial budgets. Pakistan’s support for ruling justice (PTI) during the pandemic.

However, the Pakistani Consumer Commission and the Consumer Protection Boards in Punjab and Lahore have proposed changes to the regional and federal government consumer protection laws. Do e-commerce and resolve any disputes beforehand.

The Representative provided web banners designed to educate judicial officials and academics on consumer protection laws.

In addition, the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) said it plans to take steps to develop e-commerce. He said he classified the industries separately in order to boost growth in the new business form.

To date, SECP has registered 152 companies on its portals. During the meeting, the Minister of Commerce was informed that the Ministry of Commerce is in contact with Pakistan’s Foreign Trade Department to promote the country’s exporters and sellers internationally.

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