Pakistan Digital Driver’s license System

It looks like Pakistan will never benefit from Digitization and the Internet in the last ten years. it’s CNIC or licensing, but now our country is moving forward to make life easier for its citizens with tools and internet browsing. That’s why the Punjab government introduced digital driving licenses for the first time in the country in their province with the help of Rawalpindi Central Police Department and Pakistan Information Technology Authority (PITB).

Pakistan digital driver's license system

Unlike in the past, when people had to bring photographs and other documents to obtain a license, people only had to bring their national ID and get their card. However, you will need to bring two passport-sized photographs and a sealed envelope to the office to make sure the office has paid for your license. Also, you need to make sure you are getting a bank challan.

With this new system, anyone can renew their license if it expires during blocking, although you will have to pay a fine. Despite the fact that the deadline passed, the office was closed due to the epidemic. However, possession of one is still beyond the reach of ordinary people.

While the ruling party has been criticized for ineffective economic policies, it should be praised for encouraging the use of technology and digitization in the country. The Secretary of Commerce recently sent the names of 38 sources to US e-commerce giant Amazon for registration. The ministry has sent the names of surgical equipment, sports equipment and home textiles to the companies. Intends to send company names in other sectors after selecting the submitted names.

The World Trade Organization also thanked the government for taking the right steps to develop e-commerce.

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However, it is better to introduce digital licensing systems in other provinces and help our citizens by working with government companies and authorities. It will be easier for them to get a license.

The Punjab government has a proven track record of adopting modern rules in its province. We have an example of a green-orange line. Let’s hope the TNG and the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government will soon do something for their people, like the Punjab government, and yet the utopia seems to expect good from them.

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