My husband says I have very little time to live.

We are all familiar with Myra G and her fake English accent that laughs when it works Her videos on the news channels make fun of her in the cafeteria Give the voice we all know his comments on Mahir Khan that surprised us and made many of us use his photos to create memes, but we don’t know that he is now addicted to heroin, she became a devout person for other purposes. To improve the country.

My husband says I have very little time to live meera gIn a recent interview with Sama TV Badji Herwin said, speaking of the quarantine and Coronaviruses, it is scary to see coffins and corpses coming from different sides of streets and roads. ”He said:“ There is no guarantee that we will live in the next moment. ”He also said that we humans will go to the afterlife and leave things in this the world. He wrote the text of the quarantine and will shoot a TV movie on it.

In his talk, A. During his spiritual journey, Central Command told Hiluna that he met God and that is why he found God by his side. First time. He explained that his soul seemed to be gone and that he had met God. However, according to her, after a while, she realized that she was alive and in the world. The famous actress from Lollywood said that her goal now is to sacrifice her life for good deeds because she has less time to live in this world.

He showed his love for Pakistan and explained to the owner that when he boarded the plane and arrived in Pakistan from New York, he offered prostration at the airport and was very grateful to God. Mira expressed her desire to die in Pakistan and buried in a cemetery near her home.

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Despite the idea of ​​returning to the realm of glamor, the actress asked the host to talk about it now.

Mira Jay is one of the best actresses in the Pakistani film and drama industry. She shot films in India and some of her films gained fame in Delhi and Mumbai. However, in an interview, she said that she will no longer be in the media, we wish her the best in this new journey and can pray to God to give her the energy to achieve her goals.

, which tells about her struggle when he got home. In fact, this is the first time you fully understand what you are talking about. Let’s all contribute forever.

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