Mahira Khan will soon marry Salim Karim

Although the coronavirus epidemic has limited use in our homes and apartments, it has brought the same time a lot of joys, for example, helping us to unite with our families and making time for ourselves Much also happens as a greeting in show business. After the birth of a child in the house of Arij Fatima, the marriage of Hina Altaf, Aga Ali, Shahruza Sabzuri, and Sadaf Kanwal, Mahara Khan announced, that loves someone at Home. Virtual.

Mahira Khan will soon marry Salim Karim

Talk to Hasan Shahriyar Yasser during the live stream on Instagram (HSY) The designer asked her about Fashion is love in which she agreed that she was in love with someone. The host revealed her name. Her name is Salim, although Hamsar Heroin did not want her name to be revealed. The host said that this person is also smart and handsome.

Salim Karim is a young Pakistani businessman and CEO of Sim Paisa. His company is professionally affiliated with the Marvel Board. SIM Money provides payment methods with SIM K. There is also a cream jockey disco.

Since April last year, Khan and Karim have been on social media together. So it’s good that they’re both busy. Although after that fake news appeared.

Khan was seen at the wedding of Karim’s friend. Additionally, Karim was with Khan at the 2017 Taped TV launch.

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HSY asked me to work as a model. When she looked Karim in the eye, what did she think? At first, the Khan did not want to speak, but then it all started with the memories of the Hamsafir dynasty. In the event he said: “May God be pleased with him because he would be better in his life, as Asher said forever in“ Humsafar ”. The actress said that she had the same ideas regarding her son. He explained that the son is the center of his world and everything that revolves around him.

Mahira Khan married Vj Ali Askari in 2007 at the age of 21, but the couple broke up in 2015. Azlan Al-Askari is the son of a divorced couple.

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