Journalist Ali Salman Alvi arrested his wife Sadaf for premeditated murder

Journalist and producer Ali Salman Alawi was arrested in Rawalpindi Wednesday afternoon on murder charges his wife is Yusef Colonia.

Journalist Ali Salman Alvi arrested his wife Sadaf for premeditated murder

The FIR report was filed on June 29 against Alfie by his wife’s sister, Maryam Zahra, who said the producer called her and said Sadaf had done something to her. The woman said that she had arrived at her sister’s house with her husband and saw the body of a seashell hanging from a sheet tied to her neck.

The applicant said that Alavi beat Sadaf on several occasions and that his family had warned him for many years, but that he never stopped abusing his wife.

Sadaf reportedly once tweeted about domestic violence and tweeted a message about the abuse. She will take part in the parade of her daughters and herself in Aurat.

This news went viral on social media on Wednesday and users launched #JustForZehra.

The director of the Digital Rights Foundation retweeted al-Hayt, saying that the woman who tweeted a thread about domestic violence and encouraging women to march was herself a victim of violence and that he died on al- Baka’a.

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Journalist Asma Shirazi tweeted that the media team was surprised to learn that the producers of her show were violent. They hanged him and condemned him.

Prosecutor Khadija Seddiki, Minister for Human Rights, Sherin Mazari, and DRPP called on the authorities to take action against the producer.

Jawad Shah, an officer at the SHO airport police station, told the media that 2,000 people were arrested under Article 302 of the Pakistani Penal Code only after the incident was reported while in police custody. He added that an autopsy report would soon be delivered to him, and after that, it would be concluded whether it was a case of domestic violence.

Violence is on the rise in the digital world despite rising levels of education and awareness. There seems to be something lacking in the system that makes men believe if they beat their daughters, wives, and mothers or insult them in darkness and silence.

A national law was recently passed. The Minister for Human Rights reported the violence on the same day the incident occurred. It is hoped that this law will lead to positive changes in society and allow women to enjoy freedom and peace.


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