Hasan Ahmed, Pakistan’s First Deaf Blogger

Besides thanks to Junijo and Akram, there are many other bloggers and bloggers. Human bloggers at social networks with their talents, daily chores, beauty, and manual labor. They use various social media platforms where they post their photos with well-done captions that can say “wow.” Among many bloggers, Hasan Ahmed is the most influential, especially on social networking sites.

Hasan Ahmed, Pakistan's First Deaf Blogger

Various qualified Ahl Ahmad Ahmad – Pakistan’s first deaf blogger and blogger. 23-year-old Rawalpindi resident works as a graphic designer at Ido Fusion IT, where he designs social media posts, PowerPoint slides, brochures, etc. Hasan says her sister inspired her to pursue her hobby. gave it to take a graphic design course and work as a designer. After learning about the design, she conducted it. Ogler has two months of training at PTCL and one month of training at Horizon Technology Inc.

In addition to working with personal computers and laptops, Ahmed acts as a representative of the Deftak brand. It is an online sign language translation service whose sole purpose is to empower the deaf and dumb. DefTalk mobile application is available on Android and Apple phones. Deaf people can use it to pursue a career in the areas they want. The startup received the award for the best startup in the Asia-Pacific region, organized by the United Nations Development Program.

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Hasan has blogged on Instagram and Facebook, blogs on YouTube, and two other platforms. He posts photos of his daily life on all platforms and uses media to promote the deaf community. He publishes videos and blogs about his niche online so people know their interests.

Ahmed comes from a middle-class family. He was born in a small village in Rawalpindi. The child was born with a defect because his mother was also deaf and dumb. However, the family moved to the city to study. He holds a BA in Special Education from Sir Side School and College. He was a graduate of the Young Leaders Conference, which the Leadership College organizes annually.

Hasan Ahmed is a very inspiring person who can amaze people with his skills and abilities. From your blog and blog, work in the Deaf community and pursue a career in your chosen field.

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Hasan Ahmad – For the Deaf by (@ahsanahmad_deaf), posted on July 24, 2020, at 3:22 am PST.

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