Geo TV Drama Series “Tied to the Door” Story and OST

Despite the ongoing closure and constant presence of the Coronavirus in our country, there are good offers. Women can Watch it. Thanks to our drama industry, which is filming shows and series before they air. Women and fans are currently waiting for Faiza Iftikhar’s new drama Bandhe Ah Dor Se

Geo TV Drama Series "Tied to the Door" Story and OST

Bandh Ek Door C is a new project by Abdullah Kadwani and Assad Qureshi starring Ahsan Khan, Hina Altaf, and Ushna Shah. We will also see Sabu Hamid, Sabu Faisal, and Samina Arshad

But out of boredom, it became clear that this is a romantic drama in which Khan, nicknamed Umar, falls in love with Hina Ataf, but after some disagreements. Will leave her, and the man will fall in love with the show’s innocent daughter, Oshnu Shah. which has appeared praying strongly in many promotions. In addition, it looks like Oshna will be the only female lead on the show, just like in the original hero track. He ran after her, and this is the first promotion of the drama.

According to the trailer, it looks like she is playing Oshn Khan’s cousin as she is seen lying on Saba Hamid’s chest and Hamid is my killer, Ty is my favorite hero. You will write the characters. He can be the sweetest of his neighbors, jumping from surface to surface to give roses.

Ashkhan’s beloved and Khan married each other, but Latif created negative thoughts for his rival. The result is screaming and spanking in the heads of the family and the groom. From Ost’s side, it seemed that the hero would discover kinder mistakes and run to him to apologize to the innocent girl.

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The song was released by the team, but the video is very fluid and creative. – I still hear the voices of Sahir Ali Bak and the truth about my existence.

Although no date has been announced yet, it will soon be airing on Geo Entertainment. This story looks very complicated, but Ahsan Khan must see it because he will appear on the screen after a long time. He was last seen in the sitcom SRK Friends.

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