FIR Recorded Against Aisha Sana

While there are people in our entertainment industry who are against social issues, there are only people in the same gallery that create problems for other people with their behavior. Social networks With him to speak out against the persecution, and Sonia Hussein, who talks about mental health and mental disorders, but we also have Aisha Sana, who uses other people in her community After taking the money, they hide in order not to return it.

FIR Recorded Against Aisha Sana

According to recent sources and victims, this Ra Dal received Rs 2 million from the injured actress Mian Ali Moain said he did not receive a call although he called several times The complainant also said the actress gave him a check for Rs 2 million after asking him for a long time The check was not processed at the bank due to lack of media st in the bank account.

Muin said that Sanaa took money from different people and the committee said it was for personal use. There is a need. According to a complaint filed with Defense B Block in Lahore, the Morning Show has raised Rs 20 million from all people.

The police are currently claiming that they fled after filing the case, but will soon find him and punish Sana.

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Aisha Sana is an actress. Pakistani drama industry. She plays the role of mother and aunt in dramas. It debuted with the first Rain released in Germany. She has also appeared in the films Miss Fit, Glass Cross and Lagan. She was last seen on DJ Ajaqat in 2018, which aired on Hum TV. Sana is well known for her hosting and promotion. Hosted by Meena Bazaar and Meena Bazaar with Aisha Sana from Karachi and Studio Lahore from PTV Home. Hosting Lahore TV’s morning program, she became the host.

Aisha Sana has committed a terrible crime. Many people suffer from this. Although he has serious problems, this does not mean stealing money, because others have their own expenses, and that is their money. The police are obliged to investigate and find him as quickly as possible.

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