Change in American policy requires international students to return to their home countries

Federal authorities have revised education policy for international students since COVID-19, stating that they cannot reside in the US if their courses are completely online or if they want to stay in the country they will change schools.

Change in American policy requires international students to return to their home countries

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The decision was announced on Monday after Harvard University and Macy Institute of Technology switched all online courses and classes to graduate and undergraduate students this week.

International students or Nonimmigrant students will lose their legal status if they return to their home country, so they will have to reapply for a nonimmigrant visa.

So there are some policy issues. The policy says that nonimmigrant students are not allowed All online courses are required. They can take one online course of three hours IB Internet and in-person (in class).

Non-immigrant students have the opportunity to go on vacation. They will have to apply for a “temporary absence” which allows them to return home for less than five months and are allowed to return. However, they need to edit some documents or files in order to return to class.

International students can only stay in the US if their school uses a mix of “blended”, face-to-face, and online lessons. Many schools have organized this because of lab classes that students cannot attend online.

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The policy sets out four main points:

Apply for temporary absences, attend online classes in the fall, and reduce the required hours with OPT.

Request for temporary absence is described above.

Summer Distance Learning – for students whose courses are fully translated online. In addition, the clause concerns the problems of students who are not in the United States. It’s important for them to come back as soon as possible, but until then, they have to learn everything that is available in the online courses, otherwise, they will be excluded.

It is said that international students can take online courses during their online lessons in the fall. Autumn. She added that the government will not issue visas to them if their courses are available online.

Flexibility regarding the hours required at OPT states that international students should be self-employed through OPT or work programs. The program states that students must either have a paid job, work as a volunteer, or both, and work more than 20 hours a day.

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