ARY “Jalan” Digital Drama Series Actors, Storytelling & OST

We’ve all seen the twin sisters of the drama industry Manal and Ayman Khan in the drama She has heartbreaking intentions for their families, but this time Manel surprises several other characters because Sister Khan wants to test her talent and increase her limit. So you will soon see it on Jalan.

ARY "Jalan" Digital Drama Series Actors, Storytelling & OST

Jalan is a project by Abbas Red (director) and Sadr Sahar Omran (writer), which will soon be broadcast on ARY Digital TV. Two sisters Nisha and Misha fall in love with a man. However, this man will be Misha’s husband, and Nisha will go home to break the knot and become his partner. However, at the same time, in a parallel story, Nisha will have a boyfriend who wants to marry her, but she will insult him greatly. Later, the family discovered the younger sister’s play, and the father said, “It can” is the thing. Viewers will see frustrated women hitting their boyfriend, and in some cases, they may be dragged out of her sister Misha’s house to save the marriage.

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Although the story looks very old and triangular Ordinary love, except hopefully the direction, camera footage and dialogue will make eye drops. Because his team is brand new with great acting skills. You will see Manal Khan as Nishi and Aribu Habib as Misha. Meanwhile, there will be the other half of Imad Irfani, Arraba Khabib, who will probably fall in love with his sister’s sister because he asked his wife to wear something different when Manal Khan shook his head outside the door. In the drama, her name will be Hassan. In addition, you will see Fahd Sheikh as Manila Khan’s lover, who bought him a shawl but insulted him why he bought him cheap gifts and told him that he had learned something from his son-in-law. Fahd al-Sheikh’s character will be named red.

However, Minal Khan is known for his roles in regular dramas, but to watch the drama you need to play several Ashes with the best sinister models. So watch her teasers and share your thoughts on this new drama coming soon to add color to her serious boring routines.

Drama series “Jalan” OST:

This is a thriller-drama series “Jalan”:

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